Making fitness a long-term goal

Making fitness a long-term goal

Have you seen people around you becoming obsessed with their bodies and physical appearance? Photoshop, Instagram, and fashion magazines influence our perception of what beauty really is. But is that the only reason you’re working out now?

After reading this article, you will find the motivation you need to make fitness a long-term goal. Even if you don’t become a supermodel, you will see how much it has to offer. Moreover, we will also discuss a few methods and introductory elements you need to know before starting your fitness journey.

How to stay fit and healthy

Fitness and health are usually on the same line. Let’s say you’re trying to become stronger, faster, and increase your stamina. Then, you’re also improving the way your heart pumps. Something similar happens to people trying to lose weight. Reducing their size will also positively impact their metabolic and cardiovascular health.

But what if you’re overtraining and becoming obsessed with your body? What if you engage in punishing practices and starving diets to achieve your goals? Even if you have good results, your health can be compromised. It is much better to find your own balance and give your health a priority.

If you do and keep at it in the long-term, you could expect the following results:

  • A reduction in cardiovascular risk (heart attacks, strokes, blood pressure, circulation problems, and more)
  • Improvements in blood lipids and reduction of body fat
  • Better sleep, mood stability, and coping with stress
  • Physical strength and agility
  • Bone health improvements when you’re older
  • Reductions in the risk of degenerative brain disease and autoimmune problems

What you need to make fitness a priority

We now have immediate access to almost anything. Delivery sales, fast internet service, movies and TV shows on-demand, and hundreds of promises of quick results are advertised everywhere. But the results of your exercise routine may take longer than you want. That’s why the first thing you need is motivation.

Make sure you know exactly what you want and why. Make sure your motivation is not based on an opinion or goals that change constantly based on the latest trends. For example, if you go to the beach and see people with ripped abs, you may feel the impulse to exercise, but it only lasts a few weeks.

After establishing your motivation, there are several aspects you also need to keep in mind:

  • A consistent exercise routine: Do not engage in tiring bouts of strenuous exercise. Instead, increase the workout time gradually and do it consistently throughout the week. If you miss one day, you have many others to continue your routine. Consistency is the key.
  • Nutrition: Eating healthily is fundamental if you want to see results in your body. Eat a diet based on fruits and vegetables. Eat more protein sources if you want to increase your muscle mass. Be careful not to eat large portions. Even healthy foods can cause problems if you overeat.
  • Supplements: After adopting healthy nutrition, there are plenty of supplements you can use. For example, you have whey protein to increase your protein intake. L-carnitine is widely used as an aid in losing weight. Creatine improves physical performance and promotes muscle gains.
  • Lifestyle adjustments: The most important part of being fit is living a healthy lifestyle. Instead of sitting for hours on the couch after working out, try to be more active. Replace sweets with healthier choices such as berries and Greek yogurt for a snack. Go trekking every once in a while and walk to the store instead of driving. These are apparently small changes with a big impact on your life.
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